Friday, July 26, 2013

Magically Delicious

Oh, it is so good to be back. I have to thank my cousin, Rose and her husband, Jerry for inspiring me to write again. I just got back from a very magical visit to see them on the Big Island. Their home is so inviting, you can instantly feel your shoulders melting down your back when you walk in the door. There is also lots of animal love to be had from their dog, Mozart, A.K.A. "Mozzie".
She is the official welcoming committee, and the proud owner of her very own under ground swimming pool. The newest editions to the household are Tabby and Wild Cat Kelly.
Rose and Jerry rescued them from the dump where they found them about 6 months ago. Kelly adopted me as her Wild Cat soul sister and bunked up with me each night. I think she was secretly standing guard over me to eat any cane spiders that might come in for a nightly visit. I should mention that this was greatly appreciated after the last run in with said spiders. They are the size of a small baby's head and move faster than a ninja. Seriously. Moving on, there are the chickens: Blue, Red, Martha Stuart, and of course, their sugar daddy....Legs.
The most gorgeous rooster I have ever seen! Next up are the happiest goats in the world: Latte, Cinnamon, and Maggie. I think they all thoroughly enjoy dinner time with just as much affection as standing on the roof of their goat house.
Let me just say, it was such a beautiful sight to see the chickens, the kittens, and Miss Mozzie all sharing their wonderful shangri-la of a yard in a full love fest of acceptance of one another. The yard is nothing short of lusciousness with mango, apple-banana (OMG, like candy!), and lime trees, along with the most gorgeous ginger plants. Just to name a few of the many different plants in their yard.... it's truly unbelievable. It had been six years since my last visit to Laupahoehoe. I went to see Rose and Jerry just 3 months after my mom died, so needless to say I was still in quite a state. The beautiful thing about this visit is that although I am such a completely different person than I was six years ago, it felt like it was just yesterday that I saw them. It's with such enormous gratitude that I can say...even if we weren't family I would still want to be best friends with them. They just make you happy to your bones when you are with them. Oh, and I have officially decided that Rose is not just my cousin anymore, she is the big sister that I never had! I am so incredibly grateful to be able to call them my family. So, yes, the view from the house is amazing, and it will make your heart skip a beat....but, for me it's what is on the inside of the house that makes my heart smile. Sharing amazing food, conversations, lots of great cocktails ( I am waiting patiently for Rose's limoncello recipe!), smiles, and laughter. Making pizzas in their wood-burning oven and drinking the best margaritas thanks to Jerry. (all while speaking in a margarita-induced Italian accent all night).
It really was nothing short of magical. :-)