Thursday, August 15, 2013

Live out Loud

I believe so strongly that if we really listen with our hearts we can hear gentle whispers from the Universe.    Maybe it is intuition, or a gentle acknowledgement of something in our lives.  The name doesn't matter really because it is much more of a feeling.  I prefer to think of it as a whisper in my ear, like a gentle spiritual nudge that says, "hey, pay attention to this, Ok?"  Whatever you want to call it.... I had one of those moments yesterday afternoon when I was at Elliot Bay Books.  I saw "Live out Loud" sprawled across a blackboard. It instantly gave me a moment of joy to see it.  You know,  like when you run into an old friend on the street that makes you instantly feel happy.  This quote is the short version of one of my favorites, "I came here to live out loud".  My interpretation and my inspiration from this quote is to live, really live.  To be present, and to be my most authentic self as much as possible.  To be vulnerable, to grow, to learn, to laugh, and to love everyone, including myself...just as we are.  Not to actually be loud,  but  to be so full of life and joy that light comes out of you at full volume.  Like your Spirit is doing cartwheels. : )
I am grateful for the reminder. It made me smile.

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